Typesetting Guidelines

Authors are requested to follow the typesetting guidelines specified by the journal. Provided here are the style files in latex and pdf which can be downloaded for reference and use.

1. PDF Style File: -Download-
2. LaTex Style File: -Download-

File Naming Guidelines

The title of your paper should be the name of your file without the whitespaces and special characters. Refer examples provided here:
1. Title: Domination in Graphoidal covers of a graph. FileName: DominationInGraphoidalCoversOfAGraph.pdf, DominationInGraphoidalCoversOfAGraph.tex
2. Title: On p^2 si-graphs. FileName: OnP2Sigraphs.pdf, OnP2Sigraphs.tex
3. Title: Interesting properties of a domination matrix. FileName: InterestingPropertiesOfADominationMatrix.pdf, InterestingPropertiesOfADominationMatrix.tex

-Please note that the file names do not have whitespaces, each word starts with a capital letter and there are no short forms used.
-If you are re-submitting with a changed title, please use the "original" title as the file name.