Instructions to the Contributors
  • Manuscripts submission to this journal proceeds totally online.
  • The manuscript should be prepared with TEX or LATEX. Please make sure that the paper is submitted in its final form. The TEX and figure files are not required at submission stage, but will be required upon acceptance.
  • All papers are fully refereed. Submission of a manuscript to Indian Journal of Discrete Mathematics implies that the paper has not been published elsewhere, is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, and, if accepted by Indian Journal of Discrete Mathematics, will not be published elsewhere.
  • Each contribution should have a brief abstract, a few key-words and the American Mathematical Society subject classification of the paper.
  • References should be listed alphabetically, as in the sample citation given below.
    • For a book:  M.C. Golumbic, Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs, Academic Press, New York, 1980
    • For a paper in a journal: B.D. Acharya and P. Gupta, Domination in Graphoidal covers of a graph. Discrete Math., 206 (1999), 3-33.
    • For a paper in a contributed volume: L. Lovász, Perfect Graphs, in : L.W. Beineke and R.J. Wilson Ed., Selected Topics in Graph Theory 2, Academic press, London (1983),  55-87.
  • Abbreviations for the titles of the journals should conform to the world list of Scientific Periodicals.
  • For each published paper, the corresponding author will be provided with a PDF of the article via e-mail.
  • Please follow the guidelines for typesetting and file naming as mentioned here.
  • Before you submit please go through this checklist.

Call for Papers

The journal accepts papers round the year.

Before you Submit

1. We strongly suggest that you select a subject as per the list that appears in the submission form. This greatly helps in speeding up the review process.
2. Ensure you have followed the typesetting guidelines detailed here
3. Ensure that you have named the file as per the File Naming guidelines detailed here.
4. Ensure that you have registered as an author with the journal and have a valid Register Number. You can register from HERE.
5. If you have forgotten your Register Number, you can login HERE and get it.
6. Please ensure that you have access to the email you registered with us. The registered email will be used for all communication with the journal.
7. It is important to choose the subject nearest to the paper you are submitting from the drop down.
8. Please specify the email of the corresponding editor if any (not the name). Please note that this field is for the corresponding "editor" and not the "corresponding author". The corresponding author is taken to be the one whose details are used to upload the paper.
9. If it is a re-submission after revision please quote the previous submission ID in the SUBMIT form and follow the File Naming Guidelines above.
10. If it is a final submission (after all the corrections have been made as suggested by the editors) then it is mandatory to upload the PDF as well as TEX file as the publication process will start. We recommend you submit the TEX file even if it is a re-submission and not yet a final submission. To keep delays to the minimum upload the TEX file always.
Please allow 2-3 months before inquiring the status of a paper. Direct all such communications to
12. Below is an example of how to fill the File Upload form.

 Example Guideline
 Register No: 3The Author's Register Number is essential to quote while submitting papers to the journal. 
 Name: Prithviraj ChauhanDo NOT use all CAPITALS or all small. For example, for Full Name use - First Middle Last. For example:
-prithviraj chauhan - wrong
-Prithivitaj Chauhan -right
 Email: prithvi@example.comUse the Email you constantly monitor. 
 Mobile: 9876543210Use the Mobile where you are reachable. In rare cases you may get a call for clarifications.
 Submission Type: Final Submission If this is the final submission, be sure to include the Latex File as well. You may also mention the name of the Handling Editor, Initial Submission Date and Final Submission Date in the Comments Field.
 Paper Title: Negative Sum P^2 GraphsDo NOT use all CAPITALS or all small.
 Previous Submission ID: 14If the paper is being re-submitted after corrections, mention the ID of the previous submission. 
The previous submission ID should be mentioned for final submissions as well if the paper had been submitted earlier.
 SubjectChoose the subject which is the nearest match to the subject of your paper from the drop-down list. Please follow the guidelines HERE. Having this correct speeds up the process.
 Paper (PDF)Submit your paper in PDF format only. Other file formats are not accepted. If you do happen to upload your paper in the doc/docx format then there could be inordinate delays in the process. You are requested to resubmit in PDF in such a case.
 LaTeX file upload
Normally, the LaTeX file is required when you submit the final manuscript. However, in case your paper is accepted 'as is' without the need for any corrections then it would be better to have the LaTeX file also - in which case you will not be required to resubmit. Take your best call whether to upload the LaTeX file for your paper in the first go itself.


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